Beauty Buzz: Ricky’s Founder Has Opened New Beauty Store, Prada Candy to Launch New Scent, More

Rachel Adler

Kenig + Alcone

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1. Are you washing your hair wrong? A woman experimented with using conditioner before shampoo on her hair and claimed that it made her hair glossier and frizz-free. [Daily Makeover]

2. The founder of Ricky’s, Ricky Kenig, has opened a new beauty store, Kenig + Alcone, dedicated solely to hair and makeup, with hard-to-find brands for beauty fanatics. [Fashionista]

3. Hairstylist Sam McKnight is launching a line of hair accessories made of fun materials like bright acetate and Swarovski crystals. [Allure]

4. Prada Candy is launching its third iteration of the scent with Florale later this week. [WWD]

5. L’Oreal Paris is set to launch a new at-home hair dye that can be reused due to its packaging (and won’t need to be mixed)! [WWD]

Image via Fashionista

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