The 50 Best Beauty Blogs

The 50 Best Beauty Blogs
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Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. Plus, once you get said products into your hands, you then have to figure out the most effective way to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc. Everyone appreciates a little help in these areas every now and again. While most of us have that one friend to go to for such concerns, it’s nice to head to our handy blogger friends as well.

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Whether they’re into luxury beauty or YouTube makeup tutorials, countless beauty bloggers are out there making lives easier (and way more fun). Covering how to wear the latest beauty trends or reviewing which products are worth the hype, beauty blogs have become the best friend you always needed, telling you exactly what to buy (or not buy). They’re like Yelp for the beauty industry, only you can find a blog aimed at exactly what you’re looking for and lose track of time reading or watching.

In an effort to help you find your beauty blog soulmate(s), we’ve put together a list of the 50 best beauty blogs out there. Taking into account amazing original content, useful how tos, and loyal social followings, we’ve compiled this fully comprehensive list of beauty blogs. We’ve got YouTube sensations; we’ve got lawyers and doctors making second careers out of blogging. We’re guaranteeing this list has at least a few blogs you’re going to bookmark.

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Beauty Is Boring comes from makeup artist and photographer Robin Black. After a tumultuous relationship with the beauty industry, Robin decided to create a photo diary on the topic she has such a love/hate relationship with. Throwing trends out the window, Robin photographs anything she finds intriguing with a vintage Polaroid camera. All in all, this blog is anything but boring.

She's in the Glow brings original, useful content to the world of beauty. More of a Millennial how-to guide than a list of tutorials for fresh-faced beauty, She's in the Glow gives readers an up-close-and-personal look at the latest beauty trends and how to wear them.

Once you click on to I Covet Thee, it's hard to click over to any other site. Bringing a fresh, clean aesthetic complete with product reviews and how-to videos, blogger Alix makes I Covet Thee so pretty you'll practically want to live in this blog. Our favorite aspect is the Repurchase Roster, an innovative twist on products that are good enough not only to buy but also to buy again.

It's easy to get lost in Cult of Pretty: Pour over gorgeous images, learn about the new cult classics on the scene, and get inspired to finally try trends like white eyeliner and colored mascara. The creator, Ann Colville Somma, has years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, and as a result, she curates some of the most beautiful images and products imaginable on Cult of Pretty.

The Formula gives readers a taste of European and American beauty, as the founder, Aimee, splits her time between the continents. With writing that treats beauty products as the subjects of love affairs, The Formula explores cosmetics, skin care, and hair products with honest reviews and captivating pictures.

A mix of celebrity beauty news and product reviews, Rouge 18 creator Amber Katz is all about up-to-the-minute information from the beauty industry. For a quick catch-up on the latest in beauty, this is your destination.

When an international model recommends a beauty product, never question her. A Model Recommends, created by fashion model and writer Ruth Crilly, is the perfect source of insider information. Bringing backstage tips, product picks, and how-tos to the masses, A Model Recommends is every beauty junkie's dream blog.

The Raeviewer mixes high-end luxury with drugstore deals, giving readers in-depth reviews on every beauty product under the sun. Rae, the founder, shares video tutorials on topics like photogenic makeup looks and bright lipstick, and she gives complete feedback on the good, the bad, and the unworthy of buying.

Maskcara has become a daily destination for us, thanks to Cara's eye-opening before-and-after tutorials and her ability to teach all women how to bring out their natural beauty.

Cityscape Bliss hails from the UK and is a mix of prim and proper with a little bit of bohemian. The creator, Tereza, reviews cosmetics, nail polish, and hair products (among other things) with gorgeous, self-modeled images. Plus, for some added fun, your mouse cursor becomes a mustache when navigating the blog. It's all in the details, people.

Dizzy Brunette mirrors every girl's wish to go on a weekly beauty binge, snatching up the newest makeup and hair products. Corrie, who blogs from the UK, does just that, sharing her experiences with readers in the form of lighthearted, well-lit images.

Lisa Eldridge has made a name for herself in the UK and internationally as the makeup artist who has perfected the fresh-face, flawless-makeup look. There's no one better to learn from than the professionals, and Lisa shares quick, useful videos with readers on the most commonly asked questions in the beauty world. Whether you're trying out a red lip or searching for the perfect foundation, Lisa leaves no question unanswered.

Tanya Burr's Beauty Blog was created by YouTube beauty guru Tanya Burr, and it's her home for all beauty posts. Detailing her favorite beauty looks and demonstrating how to get famous hairstyles (like Taylor Swift's), Tanya's blog has become a go to for the Millennial generation.

Even if you've never seen Dreaming in Blush, you've definitely seen its creator, Elle Fowler. From making YouTube tutorials to founding a cosmetics company, Elle is well-versed in the beauty industry, and her blog reflects that. Complete with beauty hauls, how-tos, and sale alerts, Dreaming in Blush is well worth a bookmark.

Curly Nikki does an extremely extensive job of covering beauty for girls with natural hair. For products to use to advice from Nikki's own experience, this is your go-to guide if you're rocking your own texture.

Straight from a New York City–based makeup artist comes The Beauty of It Is, where Katey Denno chronicles her trove of beauty tips, tricks, and secrets. She doesn't just see a celebrity on the red carpet and decide to re-create the look at home; Katey usually creates that exact look on the celebrity, then explains how she did it. No middleman here!

The Sunday Girl is a UK-based beauty site full of product reviews. From the latest drugstore hauls to the best ways to use Dr. Paw Paw products, this blog has it all.

Beloved YouTube star Essie Button's new site, Estee Lalonde, has the same great content as her original but with a more grown-up feel. The simple layout showcases all of her beloved products and opens the door to new brands.

The Beauty Look Book focuses on the luxe brands we all love—Chanel, SK-II, Diptyque, and the like—constantly swatching, reviewing, and revealing what's new and next.

Barefoot Blonde's hair tutorials cannot be rivaled. The blogger's endless stream of braided hairstyles and intricate updos are a constant source of inspiration.

The Wanderlust Project was started by Sheryll Renata, who travels all around the world and reviews the products she finds. She's currently in Vietnam, and she discusses the products she comes across—and often, a whole lot of Korean beauty falls into the mix.

Another one of our favorite YouTube ladies, Lily Pebbles, has a fabulous beauty blog where she, of course, posts all of her videos but also regular product reviews, outfit pictures, and more.

Hello October showcases all of our favorite things: product hauls, reviews, tutorials, and more. Suzie is a popular vlogger but maintains her blog as well, with product finds in both places.

Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup shows off her beauty know-how with oh-so-accessible product reviews, tutorials, and tricks.

While you may know Zoella from her YouTube fame—9 million subscribers and counting!—this beauty also has a fantastic blog. Showcasing her product reviews, favorite recipes, outfit updates, and (our personal favorite) hair tutorials, Zoella is a must stop.

The original queen of natural hair care, Patrice Gell Yursik, the voice behind Afrobella, knows all when it comes to the latest product trends and tricks for making your natural hair cooperate. She also coined herself the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging—and for good reason, as she was one of the first voices who broke into the business.

While you may know her from your TV screen, Tracee Ellis Ross actually has a popular beauty blog with oh-so-valuable information for women of color. For advice on how to tame your curls or which drugstore products actually work, this site is a must-see.

Eleventh Gorgeous pairs up two girls who arguably love beauty products more than anyone we've ever met. With YouTube videos on getting a perfect spray tan and how not to wear makeup, Eleventh Gorgeous makes learning beauty basics feel like you're hanging with your girlfriends.

Amelia Liana catalogs beauty looks, tutorials, and product reviews. With videos on beauty products worth the hype and stunning photos, Amelia Liana is full of eye candy.

Carli Bybel of The Beauty Bybel is dedicated to teaching her tips and tricks to girls everywhere, sharing small tweaks that will help them look their best at all times. The Beauty Bybel is a YouTube sensation, with videos on how to get the perfect high bun in less than five minutes and the no-mirror makeup challenge.

Clumps of Mascara takes its name from exactly what it tries to help readers avoid. Taking stock of the thousands of mascaras on the market, Brittany founded Clumps of Mascara to help women decipher which products will give them optimal lashes. Plus, every now and then she's in for a nail polish or style review.

Miss Whoever You Are is the perfect balance of beauty reviews and how-to's, mixing product coverage and shots of the blogger, Eileen, wearing the trends. Bright, tactical, and all about making beauty fun and worthwhile, Miss Whoever You Are feels like a coffee date with your long-lost best friend.

Nikkie Tutorials features makeup tutorial videos, hairstyle how-to's, and product reviews, all from Nikkie, an aspiring makeup artist who wants to be the next Pat McGrath.

From a talented team of hair, makeup, and spa experts comes Fiore Beauty Blog, a roundup of the pros' favorite products, beauty icons, and more. From wedding prep to how to dip-dye hair, Fiore's blog practically Pins itself.

Miss Maven is a classic case of turning a hobby into something worthwhile. Teni, the blog's creator, is an L.A.-based actress who has a knack for hair and makeup. Whether in a video testing new product lines on herself or a post sharing the best skin care tips she's learned over the years, Miss Maven never shies away from trying a new look and explaining exactly what it takes from start to finish.

Heyyy June shares the creator's hair care routine (specifically for ombré hair), her everyday makeup look, and the products she's obsessed with, making for a fun blog read and an even more fun video watch.

Couture Girl, started by Kayleigh Louise Johnson, details the blogger's beauty closet with in-depth descriptions of the best products on the market combined with glossy photos.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, created by a doctor and mother, is dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and products for a 15-minute beauty routine. A dream come true for busy women everywhere, the blog—and Christine, its creator_brings a very normal, realistic touch to the sometimes overwhelming world of beauty.

Beauty Banter is dedicated to bringing VIP beauty insights to the masses. The creator, Sarah Howard, grew up in the beauty industry and was drawn to everything hair and makeup. From hairstyle how-tos to makeup reviews, Beauty Banter covers everything under the sun.

The Small Things Blog is the source of many, many Pins that have taken over the Hair & Beauty section on Pinterest. Created by Kate in 2011, the blog makes it hard to not find what you're looking for. Every kind of hair and makeup tutorial imaginable is a click away, all of which are plainly explained for at-home success.

From a woman who works as a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist comes Hair and Makeup by Steph, the destination blog for when you want to Pin on your "Dream Wedding" board. In addition to bridal makeup and formal hairstyles, Steph also shares easy-to-follow tutorials on the latest beauty trends. If you're desperately trying to learn how to do a fishtail braid or you've never been able to master a cat-eye, this blog will teach you everything in clear, beautiful steps.

Beauty and lifestyle writer Elizabeth Dehn gives us the lowdown on products and much, much more with her site, Beauty Bets.

Hello Gemma was started by Gemma, who first took an interest in beauty blogging when she began listening to honest reviews warning her not to buy a well-advertised mascara with false claims. Through Hello Gemma, Gemma doles out unbiased product reviews and the occasional tutorial, like how to cut your own bangs. Down-to-earth and honest, this blog keeps it real.

Blogger Keiko Lynn has been a go-to for years now, breaking her beauty tutorials down into gorgeous imagery that is oh-so-pinnable. From easy smoky eyes to simple dewy skin, she does it all.

Formerly beloved as Amarixie, Allison Anderson launched a new site in her own name—Allison Andersonwhere she continues to share her two cents about the newest products to hit shelves and how to use them.

If you're on the hunt for all-natural beauty, The Clean Beauty Blog has you covered. It's your go-to source for reviews about products that are good for you yet still deliver great results.

Organic Beauty Talk is a blog that was created to help women know what's in their products and to find the best ones out there. And it delivers. From product reviews to juice recipes, this site has it all.

Fresh Lengths started as a hair journal for Lesley, but now it's chock-full of her beauty product reviews—plus, she continuously updates with videos of how she manages her textured hair.

The queen of eye makeup looks, Maryam Maquillage has over 657,000 followers on Instagram, and for good reason—her beauty selfies cause an instant "double tap." She showcases everything from in-depth tutorials to reviews of the latest skin care products to try now.

Kara Manos is the D.C.-based beauty blogger behind Politics of Pretty, reporting on everything from cosmetics to hair care essentials.

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