Beauty Banter: What Is The Best Primer To Use?

Dear Beauty Banter,

I’ve heard great things about primers, but how can I find one that actually makes a difference on my skin?

Adriana, from Washington DC

Dear Adriana,

The best primer to use that actually makes a difference is Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer. It works because it moisturizes, softens and creates a protective layer on the skin so that any makeup goes on airbrush-like and lasts longer. It enhances the skin texture and is oil-free. My favorite part about these primers is that they come in different colors to correct any skin imperfections. If you tend to be red, you would go for the green primer as it cuts red. It also cuts half the work when applying foundation because the primer not only has created a perfect canvas but reduced the redness so many of us have. It also gives a boost of brightness and hydration to the skin. I love primers because it makes my foundation last longer and gives a more natural look.

Stephanie Flor, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Makeup artist Stephanie Flor intensively studies the beauty industry to position herself as a beauty expert and face transformer. Stephanie has been working alongside celebrities, editorial clients, red carpet and fashion shows backstage for the last three years. She holds press features in magazines like Time Out NY, Teen Vogue and endless blogs such as Makeup 411 and Talking Makeup.

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