Beauty Banter: How Can I Stop My Eyeliner From Running?


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Dear Beauty Banter,

I love eyeliner, but can’t seem to find one that doesn’t run by the end of the day. How can I keep my eyeliner from running?

Gisella from Boston

Dear Gisella,

In order to keep eyeliner from running and smearing, opt for liner formulas that offer stayproof wearability. Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay In Place Eye Pencil and Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils have waterproof benefits, and MAC Liquidlast Liners won’t budge after drying. But regardless of which type of liner you end up choosing, foolproof it even more by painting a very sheer layer of liner “sealer” directly on top. This quick extra step will ensure maximum results so your liner will stay put until YOU decide to remove it. A good one to try is Benefit She Laq.

Robin Schoen

Robin is an Urban Decay makeup artist – send us more beauty questions for Robin at!

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