Beauty Banter: How Can I Get My Mascara To Not Flake?


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Dear Beauty Banter,

My mascara flakes off sometimes throughout the day what can I do to stop this from happening? And, how should I remove my mascara without pulling out any lashes?

Molly from TX

Dear Molly,

In regards to your question, here are a few solutions to your problem!

The #1 reason for flaky mascara is…the formula is too dry or old. The age of the product, and remaining product in a well-used mascara, can sometimes cause the product to dry out and become flaky.

Another reason is sometimes when the tube is left open and or exposed to air the formula loses it’s moisture many people mention to add moisture cream to the product. I do not recommend this…why? Bacteria can be inserted into the tube causing a possible irritation or eye infection (conjunctivitis). I would suggest buying a new tube! Sometimes the tube can smell like mildew, do not use the product!

Please keep in mind waterproof mascaras can be formulated in a harder shell like formula, which coats each lash sometimes resulting in a flakier formula. With so many formulas on the market, try a few, and select a formula that best suits your needs!

In regard to removal of mascara it is best to use a gentle makeup remover and a cotton round. Simply close the eyelid and sweep the cotton downward, then sweep inward toward the nose. To clean beneath the eye simply use a cotton swab, in an inward motion toward the nose. Never pull outward and never use soap! Soap creates a film over the skin, and is not harmonious to the PH balance of the facial skin!


Pamela Taylor
Makeup Artist, NYC

Pamela Taylor is an internationally recognized authority on makeup. She is based in New York and does beauty for the print and fashion. Taylor is also a published author and cosmetic industry consultant. For more information visit


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