Beauty Banter: How Can I Find the Right Sheer Lip Color?


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Dear Beauty Banter,

How can I find the right sheer lip color for my pale skin?

Alessandra from Connecticut

Dear Alessandra,

When selecting a sheer color, on a pale skin tone, it depends on the undertone of your skin. A quick and easy way to determine this is to look at your cheek area by your jaw, and check to see if you skin tone appears to be:

1. Ruddy or Red: think of an apple and/or a slightly pinker shade on the face. When choosing pinks, select a warmer pink shade.

2. Yellow-Golden resembles a warm gold, for warmer skin tones, cooler pink shades are best.

3. Olive: a hint of olive green to the skin – cooler pink shades will help brighten the skin.

Depending on your undertone, is how you would choose your color palette. In general for neutral skin tones – i.e., not too warm or cool, most shades will compliment your look. For ruddier or red undertones, it is best to choose color that is “warmer” and or “softer” to tone down the redness. In the event your skin tone is extremely sallow – blue-yellow – opt for colors that will lift or brighten. Sheer colors are a great choice for most lip shapes, due to the fact that they do not contain too much shine or shimmer, and simply add a touch of color to the lip!

Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor is an internationally recognized authority on makeup. She is based in New York and does beauty for the print and fashion. Taylor is also a published author and cosmetic industry consultant. For more information visit

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