How To: Beautifully Organize Your Life

Augusta Falletta

When you’re a girl on-the-go, there is a tendency to fall into the fabulous (yet all-consuming) trifecta of disorganization: you have a full-time commitment to school or work, your social life is flourishing, and you have an addiction to beauty products. While this life is nothing short of fantastic, it makes just about every woman living this way say the phrase, “Oh my god, I can’t find my ______ anywhere!” We’ve all fallen victim to the lifestyle of disarray, but there’s a solution. We talked to Organizational Expert Jill Pollack, at a Schick event recently, and while she easily had us convinced that a 2-in1 razor was the way to go, we were clueless as to where to begin when it came to the rest of our lives. She helped us with our most pressing questions for making our lives seem like less of a disaster area below.

How can I maximize the minimal space of my NYC apartment bathroom? 

Use a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door for storing hair accessories, jewelry, beauty products, etc. For the space in between your toilet and sink, put a cute waste basket and fill it with fresh rolls of toilet paper to save cabinet space.

How can I organize my products to minimize the time it takes to find everything? 

Use what I call “The Toothbrush Principle.” If you use something once or twice a day, it needs to be more accessible than an item you use once a week or once a month. For items like your toothbrush, store them in your cabinet or drawer (for minimal bending or reaching time). Other once or twice a month items (like tampons) can be stored in cabinets or behind other, more frequently used items.

Are there any beauty products you can recommend that work double-duty for me?

Try lip balm on dry cuticles, eyebrows and to smooth fly aways. Schick Intuition Razors already have shave gel built in to the razor for a quicker shave. Use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer for lips, elbows, knees, etc.

Is there a way to keep my travel makeup bag organized once my trips get chaotic? 

Plastic bags are the key! Take a separate plastic bag for creams, toothpaste/toothbrush, makeup, cotton swabs, etc.

How should I keep my top desk drawer at the office organized? 

A bamboo silverware divider is perfect for your office drawer. Each compartment can be used for paperclips, scissors, pens, etc. If you store food or snacks at your desk, put them in a different drawer.

What about organizing my purse?

The American Chiropractic Association says that your purse should not weigh more than three pounds, so make sure that you’re not carrying around the kitchen sink. Have small pouches for different categories of things (one for makeup, one for bandaids or asprin), and if you can find a bag with organizational pockets built in, bonus points for you!


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