“Beautiful Creatures” Inspires First Beauty Collection, We Can Only Expect Many More

Rachel Adler

purminerals Beautiful Creatures Inspires First Beauty Collection, We Can Only Expect Many More

The latest fantasy movie to be hitting the big screen is the much-hyped “Beautiful Creatures,” a film that hopes to fill the void left by the end of the “Twilight” series. Starring Emmy Rossum, Viola Davis, Jeremy Irons and a whole host of newcomers, the movie explores 16-year-old Ethan Wate’s relationship with the mysterious new girl in town, Lena as they discover strange secrets about both their families and their town.

As with any much-anticipated blockbuster film, we’re already seeing makeup collections dedicated to the release of “Beautiful Creatures.” The first one to hit our inbox was created by Pur Minerals, and is actually really gorgeous. The collection features an eye shadow palette, lip gloss and eyeliner that is “equal parts charming and dangerous.” The theme of the collection is light or dark, encouraging users to “embrace the light and dark beauty within the eight¬†otherworldly¬†shadows.” With shades such as Forbidden (taupe), Supernatural (nude), Siren (moss), Spellbound (neutral), Fate (mushroom), Cursed (plum), Secret (pink) and Fantasy (violet) you can create almost any smokey eye you desire.

Plus, the black pencil liner and sheer pink lip gloss that are included help to complete each and every look. The limited-edition collection is available on purminerals.com for $39 while supplies last.

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