Spring Is Finally Here! Now Try This Beachy Wave/Braid Combo

Shannon Farrell

The weather here in New York City is finally circling 60 degrees (yay!), so we’ve got beachy, warm weather hairstyles on the brain. Last night Revenge actress Crista B. Allen sported a wavy braided hairstyle that’s perfect to start off the season. And it’s super easy to create yourself on one of your lazy days — no hair dryer or flat iron required. Here are three tricks to getting the look.

Crista B. Allen

Photo: Getty Images

1. Texturizing spray is your BFF.
The easiest way to get haphazard beach waves is with a good dose of texturizing spray spritzed throughout the hair. If you lack any wave, loosely braid your hair the night before so you wake up to a subtle wave that the spray can just enhance.

2. Try a center part.
To match the beachy waves’ casual vibe, part hair down the center. It gives the look a subtle hippie chic feel.

3. No French Braid Here, Go With An Inside Out Braid
The two braids give the style a little more structure, while the messy dutch (or inside out) braids stay in line with the casual theme. To braid inside out, wrap each piece under the other, instead of over like a regular braid. Like Crista, finish the braids right behind the ears so they blend effortlessly into the waves.

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