Bring a day of sun and fun to your fingertips with these seven beach-inspired designs.

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The Best Beach Inspired Manicures For Your Inner Ocean Goddess

  • Love all things 80's? Rock some retro graphics and colors with your favorite tee and skinny jeans.

  • Add some nautical flair to a plain white tunic or sundress.

  • Who needs a polka dot bikini when you can merge glimmering sand with bright bursts of color for your fingertips?

  • Dare to wear a quirky aquarium on your fingers or toes.

  • Fish scales get a chic urban edge.

  • Channel your inner mermaid with an ocean-inspired manicure and statement nail.

  • Eager to catch some waves? Capture them on your fingers first with a simple striped mani.

The Best Beach Inspired Manicures For Your Inner Ocean Goddess

The Best Beach Inspired Manicures For Your Inner Ocean Goddess

The Best Beach Inspired Manicures For Your Inner Ocean Goddess
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We have to admit, we’re feeling a little jealous right now. First one of our coworkers jets off to Miami for a little sun and fun of the romantic persuasion, then our BFF hits 5K at the slots in Atlantic City this weekend and immediately began to plot a week-long tropical getaway with the hubs. Is everybody heading to the beach these days but us?

Sadly, paradise is a little lost right now. Between work and outside projects aplenty, we’ve had little time to get bikini-ready, let alone plot a day to play hooky. In fact, we can only dream of it in the present…and perhaps aspire to it via our fingers and toes.

And while we’re never short of nail art ideas (thanks to our pals at Beauty High), now seems to be the time to implement a “surf’s up” mani or pedi strategy to inspire us until our vacation kicks in. From nautical nails to polish with scales, we’re ready and willing to embrace a little beach beauty in the short-term if it makes the pain of sitting in an office cubicle a little more bearable.

Check out seven of our fave beach inspired nail art designs in the slideshow above (oh, and don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!).

What sort of nail art are you planning to rock this summer? Show it off by posting on our Pictures page now!

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  • Susan Neel Wiederhold

    I LOVE one and six…now…how to get a pic to my manicurist for tomorrow!

  • Lily

    The second one (Nautical/Sailor) is actually a design by the ultra-popular nail artist named cutepolish! Check out all of her how-to designs on her YouTube channel…. .. You can learn to create it all yourself at home.

    • Amelia16


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