Get Fit and Feel Fabulous!

Megan Segura

Attaining beauty isn’t only achieved by the creams, lotions or potions we put on our faces or by what we paint, swirl and sweep on our pretty features. It’s also how we treat our bodies. If you have read my blogs about powerful antioxidants like Glowelle, you understand that internal health is an intricate part of great looking skin and that all-over health is key to creating all-over beauty.

Fitness and everyday good nutrition is a serious part of my daily regime and I learned most of it from the team at Peak Performance Gym in NYC. My good friend, celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell, owns this private training gym and has partnered up with nutrition expert Doctor Brooke Kalanick to write a fantastic new book called Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover For Women Who Want Maximum Results.


In the past I think most information out there on women’s fitness has been delivered in fast fix sound bites and gimmicky hooks like “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Seconds.” This kind of approach never works and has left most women frustrated and feeling defeated. Television shows like The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club have shown that there is no fast fix and that good health is a life long commitment, but one that will bring you beauty, strength, energy and confidence for a lifetime. Now that’s worth it! So start with the basics and grab a copy of Ultimate You to educate yourself on the right way to kick start your over-all health and well-being. In this body bible you will learn that the scale is not such a great way to monitor your progress but instead look for top markers like lower body fat percentage, loose fitting clothes, gains in strength, and inches lost. You will discover some of the top foods for looking and feeling beautiful like salmon, cherries, kale and green tea. Tone up your body with easy photo-guided strength and energy system training.

The knowledge you will learn in this book will save you heaps of money too as personal trainers can run you about $150 per session and nutritionists up to $500. This book gives you all the secrets from these top two pros so you can do it on your own. Give yourself this gift and be bikini ready by summer. Now that’s beautiful!

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