Beauty Banter – Pamela Taylor Chats How To Wear Lip Stains


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Dear Beauty Banter,

Lip stains look gorgeous on other people, but they always dry out my lips. Are there any moisturizing lip stains? What are the best long-lasting lip products for a bold lip color?

Searching for a Stain

Dear Searching for a Stain,

In regards to your question, I do agree! I love the sheer, breathable, and clear finish of a lip stain. It reminds me of a fresh hint of pomegranate, cherry, grape, or peach without the sheerness, gloss, or shimmer of a lipstick or lip gloss.

Although many companies make lip stains, my favorite formula is smoothed on in a gel form. Tarte makes a fabulous, long lasting gel stain. I do not care for “stain liquid” formulas they tend to “grab” color, dry inconsistently, and have the drying effect you described. Opt for a stain that has a non-greasy blendable base L’Oreal Berry Juicy Stains are an affordable and great choice, too.

Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor is an internationally recognized authority on makeup. She is based in New York and does beauty for the print and fashion. Taylor is also a published author and cosmetic industry consultant. For more information visit

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