Having a Bad Hair Day? This Style Will Cure Your Woes

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Is your hair oily, frizzy, or just simply an unruly mess that no brush can tame? We’ve all been there.

Having a bad hair day can be a major disaster when you’re trying to look and feel your best, but fortunately you can now give those emergency hats a break. Celebrity stylists insist there’s one hairstyle that’s on trend, flatters nearly any hair type, can give you a youthful yet glamorous appearance, and more importantly, can make any pouf look amazing.

It’s no wonder so many stars have been spotted with the timeless side-swept, which is now hotter than ever.

“Tons of my clients are asking for it,” says celebrity hairstylist Amanda Shackleton. “It’s super easy, looks sexy, and needs only a few steps to get the look.”

“Its popularity stems from the recent vintage hairstyles that are out, particularly the retro waves from the 1940s,” she explains. “Wearing your hair down, especially for a long event, won’t have much staying power, resulting in your hair looking flat and messy in a few hours. By taking your hair and pinning it over to one side, it takes the weight out of the style and keeps it protected from going flat. It’s also great to add volume and easiness on a day when you just don’t feel like doing your hair,” says Shackleton.

“The pins are like a bra for your hair!” she adds.

To find out how the side-swept can cure any bad hair day, we asked several other stylists why Hollywood can’t get enough of this look, and how any woman can own it:

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Just Add One Product
Celebrity stylist Mika Fowler believes this hairstyle is so universally flattering because you only need two tools to make it look effortlessly gorgeous. “A shaping hairspray is always best for this look,” says Fowler, who credits country crooner Carrie Underwood with sweeping her golden bangs to the side. “Spray a brush and comb and then work into the bangs. Also spray a little extra on the root area to hold its shape. If you can’t control the roots, the hairstyle won’t stay put.”

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Look Out for One Shape
The side-swept does work for nearly any face shape, but there is one in particular ladies should look out for. “If you have a round face, don’t make a deep part,” warns Fowler. “It will just make your face look even rounder.”

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Get Creative
Shackleton loves giving her clients the side-swept because it’s the one hairstyle that embraces your mane’s natural texture. And the less heat you use on your hair to make it curly or straight, the healthier your tresses will be. “Whatever you do, don’t try too hard for this look,” she explains. “Its easiness is what makes it work. Stay away from showing the pins by taking small sections and twisting them before you pin. It will cover the end and give your hair a great texture to the side that is bare.” Also, take it easy on the spray. “Over spraying your hair will make it look glued and unnatural, so use a light spray.” For a unique spin, add a braid to the side, like Heidi Klum.

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Revive Tresses
To give your hair extra waves, stylists recommend using dry shampoo to soak up oils before styling. Not only will this revive those tresses you haven’t had time to wash, but it will also add extra volume without using excess heat. And when you’re really having a bad hair day, add a sparkling headband or jeweled pin to give the illusion it’s been properly styled.

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It’s OK to Be Messy
“On a bad hair day, you can simply tease the hair loosely around the crown to create a slightly messy texture and height, which is the perfect cure for both oily roots and a bed-head cowlick,” says stylist Paul Labrecque. “Then, sweep the hair to one side into a braid or low pony. For added finesse, wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it and secure it in place with a bobby pin and hairspray. No need for perfection, just let the messy happen.”

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Go Deep
Side-swept hair doesn’t have to be ultra glamorous to look good and be on trend. “Kristen Stewart rocks the side-swept look perfectly in a ‘90s grunge by adding a deep side part,” says Labrecque.

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