The Best Beauty Tips Discovered Backstage at New York Fashion Week

Victoria Moorhouse


Backstage at New York Fashion Week, the best hair, makeup, and nail pros come together and use their incredible skills to construct extravagant, alluring, and subtle beauty looks that not only compliment designers’ clothing collections, but ultimately set IRL trends for the season ahead. And they do all this magic in basically no time at all. This year, we headed backstage and got the scoop on how to recreate these looks at home, saw some A-lister models getting glam, jotted down some reoccurring beauty patterns (hair accessories, anyone?), and even picked up a few new beauty tips and facts from lead stylists and artists along the way.

Whether it’s blending eyeshadow with gloss for a dewy look or learning about the benefit of layering polishes, these tricks are sure to enhance your beauty routine. Read on below to check out some of the best beauty tips we learned backstage at NYFW and try them out for yourself at home.

1. At Jason Wu, nail pro Deborah Lippmann painted two coats of Lancôme polish in Beige Romance, a pretty, creamy beige, to models hands. She explained to us there that it’s imperative that you don’t paint on a super thick layer and try to get the actual hue of the polish on the first coat. If you do, she explains that your nail polish will never truly dry and will peel off in sheets.

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2. Over at Derek Lam, hairstylist Orlando Pita created a bell-shaped low ponytail that was accessorized with a barrette. In order to make the ponytail fan out at the end, he only blow-dried the top section, letting the bottom of ponytail air dry so that the cuticle gets rough and not smooth.

3. Can’t keep your hair tucked behind your ears? Before the Opening Ceremony presentation, hairstylist Anthony Turner for Bumble and bumble explained that you can take the two front small sections of your hair (the ones near the front of your face) and bring them to the nape of the neck, tying them off with an elastic. Place the top section of hair over that elastic to hide the elastic, letting it loose. This will keep your ‘do in place all day.

4. Working with essie, Michelle Saunders created a custom satin-finish manicure for half of the models walking down the Carolina Herrera runway. In order to do this, Saunders layered a sheer polish over top of a metallic. “You can put any sheer on top of any metallic to create a unique look. It gives a satin finish instead of a super bright metallic,” she said.

5. To create a smokey eye that still has a feeling of openness, makeup artist Chantel Miller for MAC at the Libertine show explained that you should mix textures and include a shinier finish as well, as it plays with the light in a different way than just one color and one texture.

6. Love a matte mani? Take this tip into consideration before you paint your nails. When using mattes, manicurist Michelle Saunders for essie at the Alexander Wang show says you should always apply a ridge filling base coat before using mattes because they tend to show more issues that may be on your nails.

7. At Alexander Wang, Redken Global Creative Director Guido explained that if you put too much product in your hair by accident, you can actually soak some of it up with a powder form of dry shampoo or just by using baby powder.

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8. You can use watered down Elmer’s Glue as an adhesive for appliques on the faces, explained Kabuki for MAC Cosmetics at the Ohne Titel NYFW show.

9. To create a bedhead-like look without sleeping on braids, Paul Hanlon, lead hairstylist for the 3.1 Philip Lim show, explained that all you have to do is braid your damp hair, clamp down on the braid with a curling iron, and set it with a hairspray.

10. To create a glossy lid, while also connecting two shadow colors used on separate halves of the eyelid at Altuzarra, Tom Pecheux for MAC Cosmetics used a light purple lipglass and layered it over where the two shadows met. Not only did this achieve the texture he was going for, but it simultaneously created a third color and blended the together. If this isn’t a trick for the girl who hates blending brushes, we don’t know what is.

11. Backstage at Tory Burch, makeup artist Diane Kendal applied a moisturizer over top of an eyelid that had already been touched with eyeshadow for a dewy look that appeared as it had a bit of residue.

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