How It Works: Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel

Augusta Falletta

baby foot

You know how you see the “bestsellers” and “most popular” products in beauty stores, so you of course scoop them up, but then you realize you have no idea how to work them? In “How It Works,” we’re going to explain to you exactly how to get the best use out of your products, whether they are cult classics or hot off the conveyer belt must-haves. We’ll teach you the basics, as well as a few industry expert tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of everything you buy. 

Now that we’re in the middle of sandal season, it’s incredibly important that our feet are in tip top shape. As nice as a pedicure is, though, you don’t always walk out with the smoothest feet possible, which can be a little frustrating. Enter Baby Foot, the gel exfoliator that gives you feet as soft as a baby’s in a few days time.

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Product Perks: 

  • The process may take a few days, but it’s gentle and effective.
  • Your feet will feel like, well, baby feet when you’re done, which is so necessary for sandals season.
  • The results last 3-4 months, at which point you can restart the process.

How It Works: 

The Baby Foot process takes 5-7 days, but you’ll begin by washing and drying your feet. Place your feet in the Baby Foot pack, securing with the double-sided tape. Leave the pack on your feet for about two hours or so, allowing the gel to absorb into your skin. Remove the pack from your feet and wash with mild soap and water. For the next 5-7 days, wet your feet each day, as water activates the ingredients in Baby Foot. After 5-7 days, begin the process of sloughing off dead skin from the feet by rubbing gently with a cloth or the palm of your hand, but don’t force any skin to come off as that can cause irritation. It will happen naturally. If your skin feels extra dry before it’s removed, you can use a lightweight moisturizer.

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