Avoid Christina Aguilera’s Mismatched Concealer Disaster

Megan Segura

christina aguilera concealer1 682x1024 Avoid Christina Aguileras Mismatched Concealer Disaster

Christina Aguilera showed up to the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards with a bit of a makeup malfunction. In the glare of the bright lights and photographers’ flashes, The Voice judge’s concealer transformed from camouflage to clown makeup. Don’t let her beauty disaster be in vain; learn from her makeup mistakes with these concealer tips:

1. Don’t use concealer with talc in it.
Talc is the pesky ingredient that tends to show up in photos. When going to an event where pictures will be taken (and in this Facebook-obsessed culture, when aren’t photos being taken?), try a concealer like Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Cream Concealer ($7.65, Physicansformula.com). Their formula will keep imperfections covered and keep you from looking like Casper.

2. Stay away from brightening/luminizing products.
We all love a good, healthy glow, but makeup that promises to brighten often leads to white half-moons under your eyes in pictures. The reason is titanium dioxide, an ingredient that reflects light. While light reflecting concealers are great for hiding dark circles under normal conditions, they are the cause of most cosmetic catastrophes. The solution? Make matte finishes your friend if you plan on being photographed.

3. Choose your makeup shade with caution.
Choosing a concealer a shade or two lighter than your complexion can sometimes help battle those stubborn under-eye circles, but if you aren’t careful, your imperfection will be dramatically highlighted in photos like the one above. Play it safe by matching your concealer to your skin, and if you do choose to go lighter, remember: blend, baby, blend.

Have your makeup mistakes ever been documented on film for friends and family to see?

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