Audrey Hepburn’s Oscar Dress Up For Auction

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Photo: © John Kobal Foundation

Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday Oscar dress will be available to the highest bidder on November 29th, thanks to a prominent English auction house. The billowing lace gown, which the fashion icon wore to accept her 1954 Best Actress trophy, is expected to fetch a cool 100 G’s when Kerry-Anne Auctions (the same firm that sold Kate Middleton’s sheer runway ensemble for $125,000) pounds the hammer later this month. The “lucky” dress was designed by Edith Head, the costumier on Roman Holiday, to resemble the one Hepburn donned as Princess Anne in the film.

Anyone at La Galleria, a shop in London’s Pall Mall, will be witness to one of Hollywood’s great examples of timeless glamour. But it wasn’t Hepburn’s ivory dress that made her a style icon. She, along with the help of Givenchy, pioneered a trend that haunts our closets to this day: The little black dress. Her petite A-line shift forever changed fashion, and all she needed to do it was the first few frames of 1961’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Today’s modern woman on a budget doesn’t have to worry about convincing a French couturier to sew her shift. Opt for a simple black number like this pencil dress from Asos that resembles the demure cut of Ms. Golightly’s garment, but with a modern geometric neckline.

Her LBD wasn’t alone. Even Truman Capote, a master of style himself who originally penned Breakfast At Tiffany’s, knew Holly Golightly had to be well accessorized. “It’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re forty,” she said. And so Hepburn’s Holly was dripping in pearls, instead. Once considered baubles for the old and matronly, shiny white beads have been a wardrobe mercenary ever since. Classic pearls become instantly chic when layered, colored, or in a multi-strand version like this one from Shopbop.

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Need more proof that this Princess (in our hearts, anyway) changed the world of style? Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Stacey Dash have walked red carpets with piled-high bouffants and glitzy hair pins. 

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