Ashley Greene Shows Off Long, Blonde Extensions

Shannon Farrell
Ashley Greene

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you were a celebrity so you could have a monthly makeover like all of the ladies in Hollywood? A new cut here, a new color there. But best of all, if you get sick of short hair you just add extensions, and voila, your red carpet waves are back. (Remember when Beyoncé went from a pixie to a bob to her signature long hair in a matter of weeks?!) Ashley Greene, who just recently went blonde (and seriously knows how to pull it off!), must have grown tired of her blunt-cut lob. Now she’s back to long flowing locks. If it weren’t for her blonde hue, we’d have to call this a reverse makeover — returning to your signature look.

Which of Ashley Greene’s hairstyles do you prefer, long or lob?

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