Makeup Artist Rebecca Restrepo On Orange Lips, Product Musts

Rachel Adler

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The orange lip has become an overwhelming beauty trend this season in which we all covet but are a bit scared to try. Luckily, we have expert Rebecca Restrepo on hand, who has worked with numerous stars such as Tina Fey, Emily Deschanel and Isabel Lucas to Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Below she tells us not only her tips for trying out this intimidating trend, but also some of her favorite products for getting her clients ready for events. Read on!

Orange lips have taken the beauty world by storm. What tips do you have for us before we brave this bold color?

The best way to approach a bold lip look like a bright orange red is to make sure the skin looks even. A woman can use a tinted moisturizer, spot concealer or powder. They key is for the skin to look flawless, as well as keeping the rest of the makeup simple with a lot of mascara and a touch of blush. The most makeup would be some eye liner because the focus are the lips, and other makeup would compete and look garish.

Since makeup does look the best on flawless skin, it’s what we often aim for – but most of us have to fake it. What are your tricks for faking a flawless complexion?
The key is to start with a properly prepped and hydrated face. Do a light exfoliation with your towel. After washing your face, while it’s still wet take the towel and dry in round circular motions all around the face. Then immediately apply moisturizer. Before doing any makeup, spray a light mist of water to face then apply your face makeup. This helps the makeup look more natural. A woman can also spray a bit of water mist after she is done with her face for a light set.

What key products do you keep in your bag to get your clients red-carpet ready?
Always have blotting papers for the face which are also great for cleaning up around the eyes. As well as having a touch up lip balm with color besides the lip color your using. This is because at times the lips get dry and need moisture, not so much color.

What are your personal favorite products to get yourself out the door in the morning?
I love the Evian face mist spray, I use it before makeup and after. I do it to make the makeup look fresh and also look and feel natural. I also love my CoverGirl Natureluxe lip balms. They moisturize and give just the right amount of color and sheen. I also can not live with out a touch of cream blush. I use a color I created with Three Custom Color called Rebecca’s Favorite.

Warm weather trends typically concentrate on bright colors, and lip colors this season have certainly fit that bill. When playing with something like a bright pink, how can we make it last through the night?
The best way to make a bright lip last is to use a lip pencil as a base. The lip pencil must be an exact match to the lip color or a natural/nude color that matches your actual lip color. Line the lips then fill in the lip while using the pencil on it’s side. This gives the color an anchor so that it doesn’t fade so quickly and get splotchy.

Rebecca Restrepo has worked with everyone from Michelle Obama to the hilarious Tina Fey, as well as photographers Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier. Her work can also be spotted in numerous ad campaigns for COVERGIRL as well as on the pages of American Vogue and Vanity Fair.

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