Ariel Winter Just Got Crazy-Thick, Choppy Bangs

Ariel Winter Just Got Crazy-Thick, Choppy Bangs
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This year, Ariel Winter was basically a walking embodiment of the Nike “just do it” slogan. From undergoing a breast reduction surgery in February, to dyeing her hair a fiery red-orange in March, to posting a bare-butt photo on Instagram in September, Winter has been all about doing whatever the hell she wants in 2016. And last night, the Modern Family actress debuted another appearance change with thick, shaggy, face-framing bangs that are anything but subtle.

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Credit: Instagram | @jonathan_colombini

On Sunday evening, Winter showed up at the Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles with black-rimmed eyes, a jet-black topknot and thick, eye-skimming bangs that fell in layers around her face—the work of Jonathan Colombini, a celeb hairstylist whose client roster also includes Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The hair debut came only a day after the actress Instagrammed a photo of herself in a Santa costume with a red bustier and a platinum-blonde wig, also the creation of Colombini.

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Credit: Instagram | @jonathan_colombini

Though we totally love Winter’s bangs, the fact she’s been playing around with wigs lately—and the fact that Colombini tagged The Hair Shop, a market for hair extensions and wigs, in both of his own photos of Winter—makes us 99.99-percent sure that her new bangs are just a partial wig and not a huge, game-changing cut. Which might be a good thing, because bangs that thick and layered require more maintenance than a new puppy. We’ve still got a few more weeks left in 2016, though, so keep your eyes glued to Winter’s Instagram; something fun is bound to happen before the new year hits.

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