Are Your Beauty Products Harming You?


Your makeup may not always be stamped with an expiration date, but that doesn’t mean it lasts forever; while some products can last for years, certain beauty products should be replaced every three months!

Using old makeup may cause breakouts, which doesn’t even seem so bad, considering it can also lead to a nasty rash or skin infection.

While most products contains preservatives to stop the growth of bacteria, they become less effective over time. Natural and organic cosmetics have fewer preservatives, requiring you to be extra careful with them.

To avoid contaminating your makeup, try not to use your fingers to apply, as bacteria from your hands is easily transferred to the makeup; always use makeup brushes that are cleaned and decontaminated regularly.

Store your makeup in a cool, dry place – not your bathroom! You should also steer clear of sharing makeup with others, especially eye and lip products.

Obvious ways to tell if your makeup is past its prime is to look at it and smell it; an unusual color, texture, or fragrance are easy indicators that you need to replace it. Additionally, if anything has been in your makeup bag for three years, no matter how it looks or smells, it’s time to get a new one.

Your mascara should be kept for six months at most. The moist conditions of the tube and proximity to your eyes are a dangerous combination that can easily cause conjunctivitis (also known as pink-eye – ew!). You can use this as an excuse to experiment with all of the new trends, like vibrating mascara.

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Moisturizer will last a year, at most, and foundation, concealer, and creams will last a year to a year and a half, depending on the ingredients. Powder products last two to three years, so when your powder blush gets old, you get to replace it.

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You can keep your lip and eye pencils for two years, since constant sharpening will help get rid of any unwanted germs. Lipsticks also last for two years (but we may still be concerned about the lead in them), and lip glosses for 18 months; but make sure not to use them if you have a cold sore!

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