How To Apply Colored Eyeliner

Rachel Adler

Summer is all about having fun with color, and while we can obviously do that fairly easily with our clothing, it’s always fun to play with bright shades in our makeup as well. Trying a bright pink lip or bold red is clearly the easy route to take (easy as in obvious, we all know that getting this look down takes a bit of practice) but spreading brights to other areas of your face is a bit more well, daring.

Eyeliner is a huge trend for summer, spotted on various runways and popping up on celebs all over the globe, and there is no better way to play with color than with a bright stripe across your eyelid. In the video above e.l.f. Cosmetic’s Creative Director and makeup artist Achelle Dunaway shows us the steps to getting the look, as well as how to balance the makeup on the rest of your face.

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