The Hair Dye That Makes Your Hair Look Younger

Shannon Farrell

4620B-big-01The idea of anti-aging hair products—shampoos, conditioners, serums—is nothing new. But hair dye, which has the reputation to strip the hair of natural ingredients, is an unexpected addition to the anti-aging category.

Once the grays start coming in, dyeing the hair becomes inevitable (although Diane Keaton has us starting to think otherwise), but damaging our hair with harsh color is the last thing we want. Enter Age Beautiful Anti-Aging Haircolor. Although I’m not turning gray quite yet, I had the opportunity to try the salon version as well as speak with the brand’s chemist, Marina Azizova.

The Formula’s Ingredients
Going gray isn’t the only noticeable change the hair goes through when aging kicks in. Almost every time I visit my mother she stresses about going bald. It’s thinning, Mother, not balding. And then there are the three other signs of aging—brittleness, dryness and dulling. Azizova provided an inside look into the formulation of the dye and what ingredients treat what.

Turning Gray: Melanin is the building block of hair’s natural color and, along with the dyes, revitalizes color and protects hair from UV damage.

Thinning Hair: Keratin peptide is a natural protein that provides structure to the hair, adding strength and volume.

Wiry Gray: Silk protein provides the softer feel and shine to hair.

Dryness: Patented conditioning technology with Polyquaternium-53 (a conditioning polymer) is responsible for improvements to hair’s manageability and softness.

Dullness: Vitamin E is beneficial for keeping the hair healthy and full of shine.

Salon Vs. At-Home Color
The salon version (like many other hair color brands) is limited to a few salons over the country. However, the brand packages at-home dyes that provide similar results. “Salon colors in general tend to offer better gray color and longevity,” Azizova told us. But she promises that the box treatments do camouflage grays and fight the other four aging signs. And sold at $5.99 a box (available at, you can’t beat that.

Our Take
Although after using the hair color I can’t say my hair had less grays or felt less brittle (at 25, I’m not at that stage quite yet), but the red hue was just as rich as any other coloring I’ve received, and my hair was silky smooth with a subtle volume boost for days. Just like anti-aging products for the skin, anti-aging hair products can be used anytime. Plus, would’t we all like our hair to be a bit thicker and moisturized?

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