Anne Hathaway Lightens Up

Anne Hathaway June 07

Photo: Kevin Mazur/

A common conversation I often have with brunettes is how to lighten up their hair without making them look like they could be mistaken for a blonde. I recently had this talk with the lovely Anne Hathaway when she stopped by the salon to freshen up her color last week.

When Annie got to the salon we discussed maintaining her hair color. She loved what we did before award season and wanted the same kind of effect without being as dark and dramatic as it was for winter.

We decided to take the color she had faded to and sparkle it up a little by doing a single process with a neutral tone light brown demi-permanent color. A demi-permanent is a fantastic option for dark brunettes because it can add depth, richness and shine without being heavy or opaque.

We followed the single process up with a fantastic shine-enhancing product, Sebastian Cellophane. The Eighties favorite was revamped with a new protein base that makes it an incredible treatment with unbelievable shine. When we were finished, she was the perfect summer brunette – and really pleased with her new color.

This look can also be easily done at home. Try Natural Instincts Brass Free as the demi-permanent (available several shades from medium blonde to medium brown) and follow with Nice N’ Easy Shine Happy for that spectacular salon looking shine at home!

Try it out and LMK what you think!

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