Get Me Patrick!

Megan McIntyre

Credit: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

I recently had the opportunity to do the hair of the woman with possibly the most recognizable ‘do in the nation–Anna Wintour. The VOGUE editrix personally requested me for two days in DC to tend to her tresses. We did a touch up one day, and a complete blow-out the next. She told me she was really pleased with the results. I found her to be extremely nice, accommodating and generous. She’s unassuming, but she commands a presence. She told me to call her Anna and asked lots of questions.

The ‘do itself? Well, darlings. Obviously, her hair wasn’t changing, as she’s into her very specific bob with bangs. Her hair is super thick and luxurious, so there was no volumizing involved. Fascinatingly, I used no product at all. I just styled it with a round brush–no flat iron, no other tools.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.

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