How to Get Amy Adams’ Playful Braided Updo

Shannon Farrell
Amy Adams Golden Globes

Photo: Getty Images

Laini Reeves, who created Amy Adams‘ updo for the Golden Globes, described is as a “modern grecian updo.” With braids and subtle texture, the style is everything we’re loving in hair right now. And now a few tips to get it at home:

Amy Adams Golden Globes

Photo: Getty Images

Step 1: Reeves created a foundation of volume by applying the Charles Worthington Salon At-Home Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse ($11.50, on damp hair and blow drying with a round brush.

Step 2:  Then she sectioned off the hair form each ear to create four tight braids starting at the hairline. The remaining hair was pulled into a tight ponytail at the crown and sprayed with the Charles Worthington Style Setting Max Hold Hairspray ($10.50, to smooth the ends.

Step 3: The ponytail was sprayed with the hairspray to roughen up the texture and then secured around the base of the ponytail for a textured bun.

Step 4: The front braids were wrapped around the top of the bun while the two center braids were pulled down and around the underside for a lifted effect.

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