America’s Beauty Show


Last weekend I was in The Windy City of Chicago for America’s Beauty Show! I have to say two things. 1) I LOVE a hair show 2) I love hairdressers!!! To me, hairdressers are a combination of rock stars and bartenders–tons of fun mixed with unlimited creativity. Imagine a venue filled with thousands of them for three days in a row. MAJOR!

I attended as a guest of L’Oreal to talk about INOA. In case you haven’t heard–INOA (innovation no ammonia) is the revolutionary new ammonia free hair color from L’Oreal. I am obsessed with it to say the least. I have been using it in our DC salon since November and in our NYC salon since January. Honestly, I can’t imagine going back to the old school, ammonia based hair colors–INOA has raised the bar and set the new standard for professionals and consumers. Ok,I know–this is supposed to be about the show! Clearly, INOA was the biggest innovation there, in my opinion.

As I was having my love affair with the show and obsessing about the energy coming from the hairdressers, I decided to pull out my Flip camera to capture some of the sights. I was coming across so many amazing things (spray tans offered by shirtless hunks for example) but I decided to focus on my favorite thing – hair color. I stopped people in their tracks (oddly enough everyone I interviewed had short hair…) to ask them to tell me what they love about their color and why.

Take a peek at the video to see…. What do you love about YOUR color? LMK!

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