Amazing Makeovers: Updos That Up The Glam Factor

Megan McIntyre

Hey there Gibson Girls! It’s time for part two in my makeover styles series. This week it’s all about updos. They are great for those times when you’re bored with your hair and want to do something different without cutting it. They are also really great if you are growing your hair out and want to keep it out of your face but don’t want to get it cut. Both of these styles are a bit more fantasy, but they can definitely be interpreted for the real world. Just think of them as creative “leaping off” points.

Rila updo hairstyle

Rila’s effortless updo (took three minutes!)

Rila’s look is for a more trendy girl, but what’s cool about it is that it’s kind of effortless. I started off by applying Build It Blow Drying Agent then blew it out and backcombed the entire head. Then I took the ends and pinned them and followed up with a spritz of Beautiful Hold Hairspray. There’s no right or wrong way to do this style, the point is for it to look really undone. It’s actually very simple to do; I created this look in just three minutes! To make this look more real world, tone down the volume of the pompadour. Or you can do like Sarah Jessica Parker and slick hair back, pull it into a high ponytail and then backcomb and pin the ponytail back. This makes the volume a bit more understated and a little easier to pull off.

Before/after Trilby's updo makeover

Updated French Twist: Great Option for Fine Hair

Trilby’s updated French twist is a great option for girls with fine hair because it’s not weighed down and has a lot of lift to it. Fine hair can tend to look oily and flat if you overdo it with products. I used Build It and Hairsheet Styling, then blew hair dry. To create the modernized French twist, start from the bottom and twist your hair up, then pin and spray it with hairspray. It shouldn’t look too perfect, otherwise you’ll look like you’re heading to prom or getting married. By creating the volume through the top, it looks more modern. If you’re not big on that, you can still keep the style trendy by pulling pieces out to make it look more undone and a bit more real world.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


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