Amazing Makeovers: Hair Extensions

Megan McIntyre
Rochelle - extra length and control

Rochelle: extra length and control

I don’t know about you Gibson Girls, but I sure do love the look of extensions. That’s why I’m so excited to bring you the third installment of my makeovers. Long hair never goes out of style, which is why I love playing with extensions. I was recently working with Debra Messing and I put in these really long extensions, which looked fabulous. It’s nice to be able to do something different and have extra long hair. That’s what’s great about being a woman — you can make these really amazing changes with the length or shape or color of your hair and be someone different for a day.

Both Rochelle and Trilby are wearing clip-on extensions from my new extension line that debuts on QVC at the end of this month. So you can definitely do these looks at home.

With Rochelle, I wanted to give her a little bit more length and control. She says she feels sexier with long hair, which I don’t necessarily feel is the truth, but it’s important to feel comfortable with your hairstyle. I think sexiness comes from within, so when you’re comfortable you are at your sexiest. After clipping in her extensions I just ran a flat iron over it and applied Tame It Shine Lotion to keep it sleek and smooth.

Trilby - Choose color for dimension

Trilby: Choose color for dimension

Trilby’s look is more dramatic, but the process is the same, I just added longer extensions. What’s great about her style is that I matched her color, so there is tons of dimension. It’s important to find the right color and length for you. Generally speaking, you want to match your hair color, but you also want to look for blended colors. My extensions are blends because I feel that most women have dimension in their hair, it’s not just one color.

In terms of length, women in their 50’s and on up should stick to shoulder-length or just a bit below that. Anything else will weigh you down. For younger women, your height plays a big role. If you are petite, you shouldn’t have hair down your back, but if you are tall and statuesque you can definitely wear it super-long.

Extensions are a no-commitment way to change your look, but careful, they are addictive!

And remember, Beauty Is Individual.


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