Amazing Makeover: A new shaggy short haircut

Megan McIntyre
A new shaggy short haircut

Fashion Drives the Short Hair Trend

I’m so excited to share these stunning makeovers with you! This is the first post in a series on beautiful and trendy hairstyles. Every woman loves a before & after, but a lot of you tend to play it safe and not change your hair. I think it’s important to pay attention to the trends. For instance, if everyone is cutting their hair into a bob, but you don’t feel comfortable making that drastic cut, you can cut your hair up to your neck, instead of your jawline, and still be on point. You don’t have to be a slave to the trends, but knowing what the current styles are and then adapting it to who you are as an individual is what it’s all about.

Let’s get the ball rolling with the beautiful Lee. Short hair is really trendy now and the reason why is because of the current fashions. Hair is really driven by fashion and the glitzy, cutting edge clothes that women are wearing now are conducive to short hair, as opposed to romantic long and flowing hair.

Lee’s look is all about texture and attitude. It’s a little more sexy, more playful and flirty. To create this, I started out by spraying hair with Build It Blow Drying Agent, then blew it dry with a straight brush. I used a straight brush because it gives the hair volume at the scalp and smoothes the ends so they are nice and sleek. I then flat ironed hair and used Tame It Shine Lotion to tame the frizzies and add shine. Only add this to the ends though, you want your roots to stay texturized and volumized.

You really can’t go wrong with a simple, playful and sexy style like this one. Take a chance and go short, or, if you’re not sure how you’ll look with a crop, test drive the best celebrity short cuts in the Makeover Studio to find the one that’s right for you.

And remember, Beauty Is Individual.


As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

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