Allison Williams Makes the Case for Going Makeup-Free

Rachel Krause
Allison Williams

Photo: Getty Images

It’s no secret that Allison Williams is one of the most beautiful people on television. On “Girls,” she’s pretty brutal, but in real life, Allison is a delight, which is probably why People chose her as one of their Most Beautiful Celebrities.

The catch? Honorees are photographed makeup-free for the magazine. While some would balk at the mere suggestion (we know we would), Allison played it like a champ. In fact, you could say she was a natural. She says of embracing her bare face, “It helps me feel more intimate with people,” and noted that she’s able to “move around the world with relative ease” because she’s unrecognizable sans makeup. The actress also revealed that she’s been wearing mascara every day since eighth grade, and referred to it as her “staple.”

To hear more from Allison on the subject of makeup-free beauty, and how she feels about aging, check out the video from People below!

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