How to Look Great Even With Allergies This Season

Rachel Adler
Woman with allergies

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It’s not really a surprise to anyone with allergies that that this season will most likely be the worst one on record for sufferers. Our weather has been completely haywire lately, delaying the trees’ bloom (which apparently means they’ll come out in full force once it’s warm enough for them to do so). So, while we’re all stocking up on our allergy medications, it’s also time to think of how to keep ourselves looking somewhat sane even with teary eyes and runny noses.

We talked with Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist, allergy sufferer and Zyrtec ambassador to get her tips on saving ourselves from “Allergy Face.” To start, Jamie noted that allergies obviously give most of us itchy and teary eyes – so even if you don’t want to fully commit to a waterproof mascara, apply your regular mascara and then seal it in with one swipe of a waterproof mascara to help stop it from running down your face. She also is an advocate for a bold lip color, but noted that you should dab it on your lip to apply it like a stain, for just a hint of color to liven up your face.

As for how Jamie cures herself of her own “Allergy Face,” read on below for her tips and tricks.

Beauty High: As an allergy sufferer, what do you find are the things that you need to cover up on your face, makeup wise?

Jamie Greenberg: The biggest thing I have is the red nose because I’m always blowing my nose. And I feel like every morning I have a teary eye, so I really stick to that waterproof mascara and that waterproof liner.

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How do you cover up a red nose from constantly blowing your nose? 

I love taking the softest, creamiest type of concealer – and hydrating at night with a coconut oil is my favorite thing to do right now – and in the morning when it’s all moist and ready to go, dab on the concealer and maybe hit the teeniest amount of powder to set it.

In the middle of the day if your eyes get watery and you’ve been hit with a sneezing attack, what are your tricks to salvage your “Allergy Face”? 

Everything needs to be mini, so I can carry it in my purse, like a mini concealer so I can stick it in a clutch. A lot of times when I send my clients out I’ll give them a lipstick and a concealer because it’s so little. Honestly I think you need to add layers of mascara and lipstick throughout the day because it’s something that’s non-intrusive but can wake up your look.

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