Adventures in Paris


Earlier this spring I went to Paris for a long weekend. The weather was TERRIBLE – it poured rain every day – but hey, rain in Paris isn’t so bad – fabulous food, amazing cafes and of course – the beautiful people.

Wherever I travel I love to explore the local beauty supply stores! Call me obsessed (or crazy) but I really love it. While I was in Paris, I played a little hooky from my scheduled commitments to explore the magical street (of course I don’t remember the name – we found it through the hotel concierge) where all the beauty supply stores are.

Who knew I would be in such fabulous company?! I was traveling with Ted Gibson and while we were shopping around we ran into the ever lovely Eva Scrivo (who I have developed a MAJOR crush on). We had a blast shopping for hair pins, hair color, hair pieces and hair color. It’s fabulous how looking at the same thing in another place can be so inspiring!!!

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