A Redhot Hair Color Makeover: The Before


Our Model Sarah Before

I recently participated in an event for Wella for the relaunch of Koleston Perfect, their gorgeous permanent hair color line. The plan for the day was to experiment with the new product on a model and show our final looks off to beauty editors.

I have to admit, when I was first invited, I was being a brat about it, because normally these events are part of my job and I get paid to participate in them. This event was not for pay, only for “fun” and “inspiration.” Honestly…however, once I got there and was working with the best colorists in the country and losing myself in the creative energy – I really had a blast – and I am still completely inspired! Thanks for the opportunity Wella team!

As you all know, I love a makeover! This makeover was fun (ok, challenging – but come on – that’s where the fun is!) in a bunch of ways.

First, I was working with a pro-model which can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because she is naturally beautiful, can take a great photo and will make everyone in the room believe she loves my work. It’s a curse because I have to please her and (more importantly) her agent. That’s not always so easy – and if she doesn’t like it, there is no hiding it from anyone backstage, everyone will know.

Second, the pressure is on because I really want the people at Wella and Proctor & Gamble to LOVE my work.

Lastly (and as far as my ego is concerned – most importantly), I wanted to keep up (ok, I’m a Capricorn – I wanted to WIN) with the other top notch colorists.

Ultimately, I was honored to work with Sarah. She is a truly lovely girl.
When we first met, I was incredibly inspired to take her so-so red hair that was starting to get a bit brown on the ends and pump up the volume to the level of Marcia Cross or Kate Elson. As soon as I mentioned those two names and saw the look on her face, I knew I was in trouble…

Stay tuned for my next post…”The Consultation.” In the meantime, tell me if you need a hair color makeover.



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