A Red Hot Hair Color Makeover: The Final Results!

Red Hot Hair Color Makeover Final Look

The Final Result: What a Change!

After a very intense consultation with my model Sarah for the Wella workshop, we had found common hair color ground to take her so-so red hair to a devastating Anne Margaret-inspired red. My goal was to create a red that the magazine editors attending the event would find intriguing and that my model could still work with.

There were several things to consider with her formulation. For example, she had less than a half inch of new growth, she had previously colored mids and ends and the perimeter was starting to look a little too brown. It was exciting to try to be creative, work on a schedule and come up with something that would make me feel extra proud of my work in the arena of superstar colorists I was working with.

I decided to start with a color cleanse (a mixture of a lightening product, a low volume of peroxide and shampoo applied to wet hair) to gently lift off the brownishness (I just made that word up). Then I rough dried her hair – it looked like a tangerine – the perfect base to support the vibrant red I wanted to do. I mixed two different formulas, one for the virgin hair new growth and another for the tangerine colored mids and ends. When that was processed, she was shampooed and rough dried again. For the final touches I added “hidden” highlights of light strawberry blond coming from the interior of the hair versus right across the top.

Red Hot Hair Color Makeover Final Look


In the end, she loved it, I loved it, the people from Wella and P&G all had great things to say and so did the editors. I actually was really surprised how much Sarah liked it because she was so skeptical in the beginning – even during the process she kept telling me “this doesn’t look natural.” Today, however, I was thrilled when I got this email message from her:

“Hi Jason!!!
It’s Sarah the vibrant wella red model! Just wanted say hello and l love the hair! Plus everyone else loves it and I tell them it’s your magic!”

I think she looks like a super star – What do you think? LMK – Jason

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