A Good Diet Leads To Good Skin

Megan Segura

Are you dreaming of having that perfect complexion? Ever hear of that phrase “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s true. Eating well can help you achieve great looking skin.

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with the way you look and, ladies, if you’re bitching about bad skin while having those margaritas, nachos and a drunken cigarette when you’re out with the girls after work, that is a problem.

Go on a blueberry binge to get great skin.

Go on a berry binge to get great skin.

It’s a new year, so clean up your act and your skin will look lovely. The most important thing to remember is water. Lot’s and lots of water. Drink it like your life depends on it. Yes, I know, you will peeing every few minutes, but that’s good for you too.

Also, switch out coffee for antioxidant-rich green tea for extra skin benefits. You’ll still get the caffeine jolt you desire. And keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Go for red wine because its filled with antioxidants.

Now what to eat? Just think clean. Eat a ton of fresh organic veggies and a lot of fish. Salmon is the number 1 complexion food with all those omega 3’s, so enjoy it as much as you can. Stop eating anything processed or refined. Go for all natural as often as possible. Try sprinkling flax seeds on your cereal or a lowfat yogurt parfait. Become a berry binger too. Blueberries can greatly improve your skin and your overall health so eat them often.

Stay away from cigarettes and those who smoke them. Simply sitting next to a smoker can poison your complexion.

You’ve probably heard all of this before when talking about your diet. but remember these have great beauty benefits too! What better than to wake up with a creamy dreamy complexion and find out you lost 5 pounds?

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