Should Men Color Their Hair?


What about men – should they color their hair, too? I have mixed feelings about it. We are so used to seeing hair color on women that we can look at just about anything and not find it too jarring – or even believe it is natural. Hair color on a man, however, is a different story.

George W Bush hair color changes

Even our former president George W. Bush dabbled in color!

Although men are a rapidly growing demographic in the hair color industry, it is a complicated situation. Generally we are not accustomed to seeing men with hair color and when we do, we recognize it immediately! I have colored Timothy Hutton, Gabriel Burn and other men for certain roles and have used some tricks to keep it looking real. Leaving out a little grey around the temples, processing for less time or using a lower volume/percentage of peroxide all work well for believable hair color on the mature man.

The younger generation is much more experimental – and so are their moms! My eight year old nephew came to New York and he asked for white streaks in his hair. With his mothers blessing I did it and he was the coolest kid at school when he got back to MN (if I would have done that as a kid I would have got my butt kicked!). We also have lots of male models coming to the salon for glosses, demi-permanent colors and highlights to enhance their natural tones.

What do you think? LMK – Jason

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