A Cool New Way To Shop Online

Megan McIntyre
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In our eyes, there’s no greater modern invention than that of online shopping. Sure the polio vaccine was nice, and we’re really grateful for the automobile and all, but online shopping is the one great technology that we not only use religiously, but that we actually enjoy doing too.

Well, it’s about to get a whole lot more fun. MAC has launched a new feature on their website called Shop Together that allows you to, you guessed it, shop online with other people.

Simply log in, then set up an instant messaging session with up to five of your friends. You can then get their opinions on if that hot pink gloss is cute or just plain crazy, what foundation shade they think is closer to your skin tone and why that peacock blue eyeshadow is probably not a shade you’ll wear every day.

We love this idea because it’s a great way to bring that age-old social tradition, the girls’ shopping trip, online. Who among us hasn’t wondered if we’re caught in a momentary delusional tailspin while browsing fuchsia lipsticks?

We’d love to see this technology on all websites–you could shop for everything from a new blender to a wedding dress and get your friend’s opinions in the process. We feel obliged to point out that this might lead to a severe decline in workplace productivity, but really, who cares about that when there’s so much shopping to be done?

What do you think, cool idea or waste of time?

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