• With skull makeup, the rest of your costume needs nothing but black clothing. The real key to this look is the white makeup extended from cheek to cheek to give you a scary grin.

    Image via Beautybybeks

  • With the classic Jigsaw Halloween makeup, you'll be sure to have the creepiest costume of all. Using super smudged black eyeshadow, create dark eyes, then use white eyeliner and red lipstick to create the swirls on the cheeks. Finish with red lipstick, black lines coming from the corners of your mouth down your chin and you've got yourself one killer DIY.

    Image via Making Style

  • Spider lashes, anyone? Create cobwebs over your eyes with grey, black and white eyeliner, drawing classic web shapes from above the brow and down into the apples of your cheeks.

    Image via Cosmaddict

  • Pop art never looked so good! After you create bold brows and a red lip, line your face with black liner and make small red polka dots evenly spaced out across your face.

    Image via Taylordonna

  • You can't go wrong with a cat costume, and we particularly love this one because of how trendy the cat eye has become this year. Simply line your eyes and black out the tip of your nose for a feline look.

    Image via Beauty Lovin

  • This under the sea look is so cute! Put fishnets over your face before applying makeup to get the mermaid look just right.

    Image via London Moore Beauty

  • The flapper look is classic and can be created with products you already have at home. Simply add in a fun headband and a string of pearls and you're set! 

    Image via Instagram

7 DIY Halloween Costumes You’re Going to Love

7 DIY Halloween Costumes You’re Going to Love

7 DIY Halloween Costumes You’re Going to Love
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Somehow, summer is already over, fall is picking up steam, and it’s time to talk about Halloween (and rhyme while we’re at it). It’s hard to believe that we’re already discussing costumes, but ladies and gents, the time has arrived for planning. While we know you’ll always have a cat headband in your closet as a back-up plan (and probably some little devil horns as well) it’s always good to have some creative juices flowing to figure out a couple of other costumes that you can DIY – with a little bit of help from some makeup of course.

We’ve compiled a bit of inspiration for you, from pop art to spiders to that creepy clown thing from “Saw,” that can all be made with just a few beauty supplies. Click through the slideshow above and let us know what you’ll be rocking this Halloween – and of course which other costume ideas you have!

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