8 Beauty Products Couples Can Actually Share

Natasha Burton

djw037 8 Beauty Products Couples Can Actually ShareWhether you’ve moved in with your man or you’re constantly at each other’s places, you may notice that your bathroom is getting a bit crowded. And we’re not talking about the fact that there are now two people showering and brushing their teeth in the same small space—no, you’ve also got double the products crammed in there, too. Downsize your stash with the following eight beauty buys you both can use, from body wash to body oil to brow gel. The only problem you’ll have now is learning to share them.

1. Archipelago Morning Mint Body Wash ($25, archipelago-usa.com)
You can’t go wrong with a minty-fresh cleanser that not only wakes you up but opens up your pores too. Combining peppermint and spearmint—and packed with vitamin E—this unisex body wash nourishes skin and doesn’t have a too-girly scent.

2. Renee Furterer Stimulating Shampoo ($28, dermstore.com)
Let’s be honest: As we age, our hair gets thinner. So, combat the process with a shampoo designed to stimulate the scalp, promote circulation, and reduces flakiness (meaning your guy can ditch his Head & Shoulders habit). You’ll both have thicker, stronger hair after using this on the regular.

3. Avalon Organics Thickening Conditioner ($9, perfectlypure.com)
Packed with biotin and wheat protein, this conditioner also promotes scalp health and strengthens hair, which he’ll appreciate. You’ll enjoy those perks, as well as the boost of volume it gives your mane.

4. New York Streets Tar ($16, newyork-streets.com)
The edgy packaging on this hair texturizer will likely intrigue even the most product-adverse guy. Its medium hold creates an undone look on shorter hair, while providing a bit of volume and texture on longer strands.

5. Kelley Baker Brows Clear Brow Gel ($20, kelleybakerbrows.com)
Yes, a makeup product you both can use. Created by brow pro Kelly Baker, this gel is perfect for taming men’s unruly brows without making them look too “done” or like they are wearing anything at all.

6. HollyBeth Organics  Nourishing Body Oil ($55, hollybethorganics.com)
There’s just some sexier about moisturizing with an oil rather than a typical lotion. This one has a unique blend of sunflower, pumpkin, pomegranate oils, all rich in vitamins your skin needs, making the product practical enough to intrigue your guy. The scent is very mild, which won’t scare him off either.

7. Shea Yeleen Wild Honey Lip Balm ($3, sheayeleen.com)
Made with shea butter, as well as olive and jojoba seed oil, this balm will keep your kisser plump, and the scent is just sweet enough to smell delicious without discouraging your guy to use it on his own lips.

8. Cleopatra’s Milk Bath ($64, barneys.com)
Okay, so you may have a hard time getting your man to use this bath soak—which contains milk, rose petals and essential oils— on his own, but we’re pretty sure he could be convinced to use it with you. The combination of sensual scents will set the mood while the ingredients in the product make your skin super silky.

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