7 New Ways To Get Fit For Summer

Caroline Murray
7 New Ways To Get Fit For Summer
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Barry's Bootcamp--loved by celebs like Kim Kardashian and Stacy Kiebler--is the definition of a butt kicker. In 60 minutes you will sprint, lift weights, strengthen legs and much more. It's perfect for someone who's serious about getting in shape, fast. "It's one of the only group fitness concepts that involves cardiovascular and strength training," said NYC instructor Joey Gonzalez (pictured). "You burn fat just as much as you improve your lean muscle tissue, bone density, and raise your metabolism."

Kim Kardashian for Mayor?

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If you're a yoga/pilates fanatic, then you'll love Gyrotonic. Ideal for dancers or those with injuries, you'll use machinery to stretch your muscles from opposing sides. The idea is to lengthen your spine, which Billy Macagone, owner of Body Evolution, a Gyrotonic studio in NYC, says is key to getting in shape. It isn't intense cardio workout, but you'll get lean as your muscles learn to work fluidly. Learning to strengthen your spine can actually lengthen it too; Billy says he's gotten two inches taller since he started doing Gyrotonic!

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Jukari Fit to Fly is easily one of the most exhilarating ways to get fit, ever. If you've ever longed to do circus tricks, here's you chance. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil, you'll hold onto a horizontal bar attached to the ceiling, like Molly Sims, leap into the air, spin in circles, and do everything else that's cool about acrobatics. This workout gives the sensation of flying "while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training." Check it out at an Equinox location near you.

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One of our favorite childhood activities was ballet class, so when barre class became more popular, we--and celebs like Zooey Deschanel--had to get on board. Although barre is available at gyms nationwide, we liked a class called "Figure 4" at Pure Yoga, which combined strength training, cardio and yoga. It feels more toning than traditional ballet, and certainly leaves you in a sweat. "I designed the Figure 4 technique to help participants avoid bulking the muscle and instead achieve the long and lean physique of a dancer," said creator, and dancer, Kate Albarelli (pictured).

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Barely have time to workout? That's what the Power Plate is for. This high-tech machine, found in gyms everywhere, makes your body work significantly harder than regular exercise, just ask fan, Mark Wahlberg. While doing squats, crunches, bicep curls, and much more, it vibrates, contracting every muscle up to 40 times per second. So even though you're only doing 10 crunches it would actually be the equivalent of doing 400, because your body is working with the vibration of the platform. The bonus? It works as a fab massaging tool too!

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If getting your groove on sounds like a perfect Saturday, it could be the perfect workout too. Dance studios everywhere have made fitness so easy and so much fun, it's easy to stay in shape. We tried "Michael Jackson Mondays" at Broadway Bodies in NYC, where instructor Mitchell Wayne, taught some super sexy moves to a Jackson favorite. In other classes, they also teach the choreography to music videos, like Beyonce's "Single Ladies," and steps from Glee's best performances. Who said dance class only meant doing pirouettes?

Penelope Cruz's Hot Dance Workout

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Tired of traditional yoga? Try doing it while dangling in the air! Unnata Aerial Yoga, taught at Sacred Sounds Yoga in NYC and other studios nationwide, teaches you how to achieve proper yoga alignment through relaxation rather than effort, and achieve peaceful state of mind as well. With a hammock-like, silky fabric fastened to the ceiling, the weight of your body supported, making the practice much more relaxed.

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