5 Tips For Clear Skin From Wellness Expert Dr. Lipman

Rachel Adler

clean face 5 Tips For Clear Skin From Wellness Expert Dr. Lipman

As a beauty junkie, one of our biggest goals day-to-day is to have clear skin. But, as many of you know, it’s not just what you put on your skin (or how you clean it) that matters. Many times, what you’re eating and how you’re taking care of your body reflects in your skin. Dr. Frank Lipman, a wellness expert with a line of cleanses that models and celebrities alike swear by, works with his patients to help improve their health through a variety of ways. Lipman chatted with us about how changing a few key things in your diet can not only effect your skin’s condition, but also your philosophy on your daily diet.

Beauty High: Many people are becoming fans of the gluten-free diet. Can you explain the benefits of going gluten-free?

Dr. Frank Lipman: Gluten is a transformed product of genetic research. Eating altered food tends to create inflammation in the body. Some athletes eat only gluten free because it helps them to perform better. Also, a good thing to note is that the grain of today is not the same as 100 years ago. It has been chemically modified. Most peopled do better when they stop eating gluten, same as when they stop eating sugar. Gluten basically has the same effects as sugar. You’ll see weight loss, more energy and better digestion when you stop eating gluten.

BH: If you struggle with acne, what diet do you suggest?

FL: Sugar, dairy and gluten are the biggest foods that effect skin. Dairy for acne is a no-no. Acne is just inflammation of the skin, so you’ve got to decrease the food that causes it.

BH: What are the top 5 foods that you want to eat to maintain your healthy skin?

FL: Avocados, kale, walnuts (or nuts), wild salmon, blueberries — all the super foods. Skin is just another organ system so it needs essential fatty acids. It needs good fats, like fish oil.

BH: If you’re finding yourself with hormonal breakouts, is there a way that you can balance out your skin by what you’re eating?

FL: Alcohol triggers skin and so does dairy. If you abuse yourself, your skin tells you. Cut out alcohol. Alcohol is one of the triggers for skin problems. Then you follow with bread for hangovers. Obviously this is harder for younger women, but at some stage you have to listen to your body.

BH: Now that we live in a fast food society, do you find that people have a hard time adjusting to living by your healthy meal rules?

FL: The beauty of my cleanse is that people feel so great so quickly that they want to stay feeling that way. Getting educated on feeling that way helps. Plus, healthy foods are now easier to get. Gluten-free foods are easier to get. It’s a 90/10 philosophy. If you cheat during it, get over it. Don’t feel guilty. It becomes a lifestyle. It’s important to be aware of what you eat, but not obsessive.

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