5 Old-Fashioned Beauty Secrets That Actually Work

Lauren LeVine

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When it comes to beauty, maybe we should all be listening to our grandmothers more. Because while some of the beauty practices popular in the past were notoriously dangerous (ahem, lead white foundation), many of the simple, natural treatments women favored are not only useful, but pretty darn smart as well. So how can you amp up your beauty routine the easy, inexpensive way your gran would have? Our friends at BellaSugar have five old-fashioned beauty tricks that still hold up.

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Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases. Yes, they feel fancy, but they also don’t absorb moisture like cotton, and they’re smoother. That means that your skin and hair don’t lose as much hydration overnight, and that there aren’t as many rough spots for your hair to catch on, which reduces breakage.

Braid your hair before bed. This is another breakage preventer, and braids also work when you’re exercising or growing out bangs.

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Use Band-Aids to help prevent and lessen wrinkles. Annie’s talked about Frownies, the modern-day inheritors to old-fashioned facial plasters. These strips work because on your face, the muscles are attached directly to your skin. So when you use a plaster to flatten your skin out, it also “relaxes” wrinkles.

Stick your nails in a lemon. Cutting a lemon in half and shoving your nails into it may seem a little silly, but it’s actually a really easy way to whiten the tips and soften your cuticles. You can also use half an orange to soften up skin on your knees and elbows.

Use beer as a clarifier. If my gran was recommending this, I would assume it was just an excuse to drink. But yeasty, hops-filled beer (think Guinness, not an IPA) helps pump up your hair shaft, giving you extra volume. And the acid in it helps remove product buildup to make your hair all shiny.

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