5-Minute Holiday Hairstyles

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Need a party-ready hairstyle like Milla Jovovich’s in a flash? Our friends at Lock & Mane have got you covered. They sent intrepid reporter/model Jo to one of their favorite NYC salons to get three easy and quick holiday hairstyles that can be done faster than it takes to make some holiday cocktails (seriously, how many ingredients do those things need?). Follow their step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to find out how to recreate the hairstyles yourself!

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BLOW stylist Naemmah Carre (we can’t say how much we love her!) helped Jo create 3 looks, The Pompadour, the Faux Bob and the Side Chignon in around five minutes each. We break it down into easy steps here and in these simple to follow videos. Jo has even road tested these on her own and trust us, if she can do it on her own, anyone can.

The Pompadour

Totally sexy in a rock star kind of way and the simplest way to go from geek to chic at your desk. It’s kindof an updated half-up, half-down do.

1. Take a triangle section of hair from the front and bring it to a point in the middle of the head.

2. Tease the bottom half of your triangle from the middle to the root in three inch sections.
3. Smooth the top with the comb eliminating frizzies.

4. Choose your height. You can go super high or right off the head.

5. Secure with a cross pin of regular sized bobby pins.

Click here to watch the video!

The Faux Bob
This is a great way to look like you just got a super sexy and sassy short haircut, without chopping your locks.</p?

1. Start by curling 3 inch sections of the hair all over the head with a wide-barrel curling iron.
2. Lock in the curls with a nonstick hair spray and shake them out to loosen them up.
3. Part your hair in half and take the bottom shelf of the hair in the back and tease with a teasing comb to create a base (a ball of hair that is a little rats nesty). This will be the base of your faux bob. Spray it with hairspray after it is teased and grab it a little to make it extra knotty.
4. Now grab a section of the waves you have created, tuck the tail into the base and pin it into the base with a large bobby pin.
5. Secure bob with open hair pins anywhere it feels loose.
6. If you have layers in the front of your hair that are bob length leave them out of the bob.
7. Secure with a nonstick spray like Blow’s Serious NonStick Spray.

Click here to watch the video!

The Side Chignon

It’s super easy and classy yet a little messy which means it is hard to mess up!

1. Like the Faux Bob start the Side Chignon off by quickly curling the hair into three inch sections around the head.

2. Perk up the part by adding some Faux Dry dry shampoo right at the hair line. (Check out the video, it really adds instant volume to the top of your head).

3. Create a base for your chignon to sit by teasing a big old ball on the right side of your hair with a fine tooth comb. Again create a purposeful rats nest by spraying with a non-stick hairspray.

4. Now start pulling the curls over the base forming a ball and cross pin at the base.

5. Grab and sweep the remaining curls to the side and lock them into the base with bobbies. You always come back to the base with a cross pin, which we promise will hold your hair all night.

6. Leave enough hair outside the base to drape over the base and pin loosely with hair pins (the parallel pins, not the bobbies).

7. Leave a small smattering of curls out of the chignon to tuck into the top of the base and pull the side chignon behind the ear. Secure with more hair pins.

8. Hold it all together with a non-stick spray.

Click here to watch the video.


Try on holiday hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

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