5 Gentle Face Cleansers Get Put To The Test

Rachel Adler

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As summer rolls in, and we have more 90 degree days with blacktops so hot they’ll cook an egg, our beauty routines need a bit of adjustment. Most of us try to go a little more lightweight on the cosmetics to avoid breakouts, but smart beauty devotees know going to the root of the cause that is, changing up cleansers is a necessary solution.

To help a girl get on her way to clear skin, hot weather or not, we had some of StyleCaster‘s finest test (plus amis) try out a selection of face cleansers that were kindly sent to our Studio. All the products promised gentle cleansing. See how products fared below:

Renee Rouleau Gentle Gel Cleanser

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Image: people.com

“The formula was great – the feel of the gel was light and as far as cleansing goes, it felt like it did the job without stripping my skin. I was curious though that the ingredients list included cocoa butter. I have combination skin and it worked fine with my skin type. My only gripe is that I could have done without the scent, which was somewhere between a synthetic floral and drugstore bar soap. That said, the scent wasn’t strong and didn’t last much longer than an hour after washing.” Bee-Shyuan Chang, Content Director, StyleCaster
$35.50, reneerouleau.com

Biore SkinPreservation Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser
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Image: Beauty411.com

“It felt really gentle on my skin and after drying my face, my skin immediately felt tighter. With that said, my face felt like it had a slight film over it like one of those peel-away facial masks.” Janice Chou, Fashion Content Coordinator, StyleCaster
$7.99, drugstore.com

L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser
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Image: Ulta.com

“The scent was very light and perfect for summer. The scrublet that comes with the cleanser was really great – it exfoliated without being too harsh. This might not be the greatest choice for people with very dry skin, but it made my skin feel very soft and clean. Plus, the scrublet is fun!” Taylor Droddy, Junior Team Member, StyleCaster
$6.99, walgreens.com

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
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Image: Fresh.com

“It did a great job of removing the excess oil on my face without over-drying it. I didn’t like the smell or the fact that it had a few types of parabens in it. It seems like a great way to save a few minutes in the bathroom by combining your makeup removal and face washing into one step.” Stephanie Field, executive assistant at Mistral Equity Partners
$38.00, fresh.com

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
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Image: firstaidbeauty.com

“First Aid Beautys facial cleanser has a silky texture that felt smooth going on, but once washed off, ended up leaving my face overly dry and rough. I liked that it didnt give my skin a burning or stinging feeling the way some strong cleansers will do, though.” Michelle Halpern, Content Manager, StyleCaster
$18, firstaidbeauty.com

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