5 Easy Tricks to Getting the Perfect Beach Wave


Beach waves

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we can officially embrace summer (even if it doesn’t feel like it on every coast just yet). Pull out your white denim shorts, your beach hats and your sandals, because it’s officially time to spend every possible weekend at the beach. While you’re caught up in choosing which sunscreens to stock up on and how to get a faux base tan before being seen in your new bikini, we’ve got our mind on other things – beach waves. You know the ones, that perfect beach hair texture that you get after just the right amount of salt, sand and wind is absorbed into your hair.

Although beach waves are sometimes harder to get than we’d like them to be, we’ve gathered five tips and tricks to nailing the look perfectly – just in time for you to rock them all summer long.

1. The first and most obvious way is to invest in a great salt spray to give your hair some texture. Everyone loves Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray, but we’re also big fans of Original Mineral’s Surf Bomb and Sedu’s Beach Beauty Salt Spray.

2. If you’re handy with a curling iron, try out a 3-barrel curling iron for an easy (and fast) way to get beach waves. These irons will give you a loose wave in no time – you just simply have to section out your hair, spray with a heat protectant, and clamp down your iron and hold for a few seconds on each section.

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3. Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist Chris McMillan used to use actual salt water (before the days of beach sprays) to spritz on her hair before red carpet events. He even told Allure magazine that he would finish the look by rubbing sunscreen in his hands to polish the ends, because he prefers that scent. So, considering we all have access to a salt spray and sunscreen, try his trick and polish off your ends with just a tiny bit of sunscreen for the true beach wave look.

4. Try out the old “braid trick” by showering the night before, and with wet hair loosely twist your hair into braids and let them dry overnight. The next morning, undo the braids and shake them out, spritzing with just a touch of hairspray if needed.

5. If you don’t like to sleep in braids (or don’t know how to braid) try this same trick after showering but twist your hair into buns instead. The amount of buns you divide your hair into depends on how small or big you want the waves to be, and then spray a bit of hairspray (or even salt spray) for added hold. Let the buns dry overnight, brush through your hair and you can add a bit more spray for extra hold.

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