5 Concealer Mistakes We All Make — And Shouldn’t

Shannon Farrell
applying concealer

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

Concealer—a tired girl’s best friend—isn’t the easiest makeup product to apply. From using the wrong color to applying it incorrectly, we all make a few of these concealer blunders. Fake flawless skin by avoiding these makeup mistakes pronto.

1. Applying Green-based Concealers 
Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno tells us that contrary to belief, green-based concealers do not cancel out skin redness. “This works only in photographs, but in natural light, the green is always visible and only makes the blemish look more obvious.” Instead, you want a concealer almost identical to your skin tone.

2. Piling Foundation on Top
When you apply foundation over concealer, you’re thinning out the concealer you strategically placed over a blemish or other trouble area. Instead, you want to dab the concealer over foundation where a trouble spot hasn’t been completely covered.

3. Using the Wrong Color on Under Eye Circles 
Because under eye circles are dark, you need a different shade than you would use to cover redness. For those with lighter skin, the circles tend to have a purple tint to them. Peach toned concealers work best. For darker skin tones whose circles are a darker purple or brown, a concealer with an orange pigment will help to camouflage. And don’t go too light. The lighter you go, the harder it is to blend the concealer in with the foundation.

4. Going Too Thick
The thicker the formula, the more caked on it looks. Use a liquid-based product or add a few drops of moisturizer to the concealer before applying.

5. Using Brightening Concealers
The idea of a brightening concealer makes sense—brightening the under eye circles to hide the darkness. But these light reflecting particles actually draw attention to the dark circles. And of course, the whole purpose of concealer is to camouflage trouble areas.

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