28 Days, 28 Liners Put to the Test

28 Days, 28 Liners Put to the Test
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The runways this spring were chock full of new ways to wear eyeliner, from turning the classic cat eye up a notch by using intense hues to getting more graphic looks with parallel lines on the lids. Let’s face it, though – we all want the new eyeliner look, but finding the right eyeliner isn’t an easy task.

Whether you’re attempting to add a fun pop of color to your lids or seeking out the perfect balance of smudge for a smokey eye, there’s an eyeliner out there for everyone.  Throughout the 28 days of February we put 28 liners to the test to find the perfect pencil eyeliner to suit all different looks. After experimenting with a different eyeliner each day, we learned some seriously beneficial information. Check out the month’s worth of liners and let us know about your eyeliner experiences in the comments section below.

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