23 Prom Movie Looks You Need to See

23 Prom Movie Looks You Need to See
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The only thing better than living your own prom night is watching your favorite movie’s prom scene. The dresses are probably more expensive, the plot lines are definitely more dramatic, and somehow, the girls who go to prom in movies always manage to go with the captain of some high school sports team. Our own proms are undoubtedly filled with the pimple that always shows up the day before prom or a horrible hair malfunction, so living vicariously through the perfect prom scenes in movies is a must.

To relive some of the best prom scenes the silver screen has ever seen (ahem, who could forget the switcheroo in “The Hot Chick” or the Madonna-themed flashback in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion?”), we’ve rounded up a list of the best prom scenes to ever happen in movies and the beauty looks that came out of them. You’ll laugh and you’ll feel nostalgic, but whatever you do, make sure you curl up on a Friday night with your girlfriends to re-watch one of these classics while it’s prom season.

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