Apparent 2017 Golden Globes Makeup Trend: Shoulder Makeup

Lauren Caruso
2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Photo: Getty Images

We’re barely 20 minutes into the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet and we’ve already learned an invaluable makeup tip: Apparently if you’re not wearing shoulder makeup, you’re doing it wrong.

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The tip, if we can even call it that, comes from a very, very spray-tanned Giuliana Rancic—albeit by accident. When fellow E! News host Ryan Seacrest called out her particularly orange skin during their red carpet chatter, Rancic, who denies the spray tan (no shame girl—it’s better for you than the real thing), came back with a quip: Her tan was au naturel, but she did have makeup on her shoulders.

Yep, that blinding shine that’s emanating from her shoulders and arms isn’t natural dew: It’s highlight. A lot of highlight. Take a better look here:

2017 golden globes shoulder makeup embed Apparent 2017 Golden Globes Makeup Trend: Shoulder Makeup

Getty Images

While we’re down for a good highlight (what up, RMS Living Luminzer), if this isn’t proof that the contouring trend has gone too far, we don’t know what is. Maybe she was taking notes from Becca Cosmetics?

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